Reasons Why

This blog has been a long time coming, I’ve always wanted to write about what I think and feel about many things; things that inspire me, things I’m excited about, those that frighten me, and a little about what actually goes on in my life.

So this blog should be about absolutely everything, from love to travel to food to sex to fitness to music hopefully no politics…we’ll see. Join me on this journey of expression. I hope not to bore you 🙂

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Stop Comparing Yourself And Live

Our eyes see a lot, a lot of the things we see we perhaps wish we wouldn’t see. Seeing your age mates land jobs, get married, buy their first, second or third homes while you are barely getting by…your table is full of bills in envelopes you don’t want to open, you are so tired from your second job you can’t feel your legs, your facebook account has nothing going on. You wish you wouldn’t see anything more than you are right now. You feel tired, like no matter what you do things don’t seem to work out.

The hard fact hard fact is that life is a journey, everyone is on their own journey. The challenge here is that we see each other’s journeys. We sometimes get envious, feel left behind, get challenged or feel consoled by how better it seems you are doing from the next person. We are constantly comparing ourselves with other people when the truth is, you don’t know what those people have been through. You have no idea the fights they had to fight, the scars they bear, the tears they’ve cried. You have no clue.
 You don’t know if what you’re going through right now is what they went through a year ago. How would you know when you are busy comparing yourself to them? If they told you their story you may not believe them, it may look like an attempt to lift your spirits by making their lives look so dark.

 Here is another truth, you need to embrace YOUR life. You need to begin living, be deliberate about where you are headed. Acknowledge that no one said it would be easy, no one said you won’t hurt, but as the journey continues, you grow and you heal. And the things that were hard, you realized helped you build some muscle, and somewhere along the way, you began getting stronger.

Take a minute and check the lenses through which you look at life. Take a minute and see that you are healthy, you have family that loves and believes in you, you have a bed to lay your head in the night. Change those lenses and begin to see life in a different light, go a day without comparing yourself, go a week, then a month and eventually refuse to compere yourself with anyone but to celebrate each milestone and use every set back as a set up for the next victory. Appreciate yourself, love yourself, love your journey and live your life! You are worth it!

You Are Enough

If I could choose from a multitude of men

I’d still choose you
If I could marry from a crowd of grooms

I’d still choose you

You are my constant, my best friend

You are my confidant, you are my rock

You are enough my love!

You are enough for me.

Tough Life? Know This

Ever wondered why you were put on earth? Why you are where you are now and not in some remote village in the amazon? Why you are related to the people you call family? What is life really about? Why is it not as easy as you thought it would be? Years back when I was younger, I remember thinking I had a pretty good idea of what life is all about, thinking that I know how my life is going to turn out, making plans for the next many years; years that have come and gone…

You grow up, finish school, then discover this whole entire different world where things are cut throat, and you don’t get things just because you showed your puppy face. Its life, its messed up sometimes! But what do you do when life deals you a bad hand? When things are going exactly how they should not? How do you stay calm and level headed at the same time encouraging yourself and injecting some much needed hope.

I have realised that life is a journey, we are moving, everything is moving. We are getting older every day, we are constantly needing to get one thing or the other done. We have deadlines and responsibilities, we have bills to pay that we wish would just go away sometimes. When you look deep within yourself, you will find strength that you had no idea existed! You will find that what you thought would have been the end of you was the beginning of an incredible journey- That divorce, that retrenchment, the loss of a loved one. The journey was bloody hard, but when you look back, you realise you’ve come a long way- you are stronger and wiser. You cannot be broken!!

So when life deals you a bad hand, stay in the game. Don’t quit-never quit! You may get weary, you may fall, you may stagnate and not move at all, but after all this, you must get up, keep your head up. Smile sometimes, look in the mirror and tell yourself you are valuable, you are strong, you are beautiful. So many have walked the path you are walking right now, people all over the world are fighting their battles, some with scars we all can see and some whose are skin deep. Know you are not alone in the journey, delight in the fact that many have made it past the tough times. The depression or addiction or heartbreak will NOT be the end of you, but you must decide to end the pity party. You must decide that you will make it through it all. Face your fears, be bold, be confident that this too shall pass!



So Good To Be Loved By You

So good to be Loved by you

To be found, in your love to abound

Having all fears fade, Confidence and Joy to embrace

Life can never be the same, since our love became

So good to be Loved by you

To share our lives, To become your wife, To laugh and cry

I came alive with you by my side

You see me, I don’t have to hide

You cherish me, I can’t imagine another high

You are true, pure and sincere- all traits I hold dear

Oh how it is

So good to be Loved by you




Dedicated To My Dear Husband Frankline


The Busiest Streets You’ve Ever Seen 

You think you’ve seen busy streets? You haven’t been to Africa. I keep thinking if only I could get an aerial view of how the people actually look, it would be something like this.

Everyone is in a big rush, it’s like a mega mall just opened and everything was ‘selling’ for free. There is a very interesting chaos all over the place, people walking on roads, motorbikes ridden where people are trying to walk, cars overlapping and honking at every opportunity. The streets are busting with activity, especially in the evening, the central business districts have mobile shops all over. And by mobile shops I mean men and women laying their goods on the floor (placed on pieces of cloth) or on big boxes and setting up shop. The buyers are mostly impulse buyers on their way home from work or wherever, you’ll find just about everything from oranges to balls to curtains to seedlings and best of all, BBQ sausages. It’s amazing! A real life amusement park!

Even more impressive is the people’s ability to not be bothered with all that’s going on. There is a certain rhythm to how things work, people have almost formed walking lanes, they perfectly evade the mobile shops and know what angle to stop so as to let everyone else pass when they need to stop for say a BBQ sausage and snack on a budget. It’s beautiful and at the same time, you can go insane if you are new on these streets. There’s public transport vehicles ferrying people in and out the city, passengers are boarding and dropping off on a whim, if you are driving behind one of these, you had better have one leg on top brake pedal permanently because they stop with no regard for the cars behind them. 

Then there’s the traffic police in uniform carrying the very useful wooden cane which is a multi-purpose “instant-justice-tool”. The cop out of frustration bangs these public vehicles because of their disorder and if you really vex them, well you will take the bang – the motorbike riders are especially good at driving them up the wall, with the way they ride their bikes you’d thing they’re invincible. The police sure keep things moving though, its easy to tell when there’s one of these police ahead, because all motorists are very well behaved, their absence on these roads is pure torture.

Market Street of Kampala, Uganda (East Africa) Photo Credit:

The city council occasionally deploys city cleaners with broom in hand and wheelbarrows; they sweep the litter and dispose the garbage at garbage collection points. You can pass a street with the most confusing smells you have ever come across, smells of car fumes, roasted meat, dust, you almost want to hold your breath and run.  

The Voices In My Head As I’m Getting Up To Excercise

You cannot imagine how many conversations I have with myself on the mornings I know I’m meant to get up and exercise. It goes something like this “It’s fine to sleep, your body needs to recover from the work out you did the other day” I’m thinking, yeah absolutely, Goodness! I need some rest, so I lay there. At this point you’re really not asleep, and you can’t sleep because your brain is so actively participating in keeping you in the bed. I lay there for five minutes, then uncover myself, its cold, I’m thinking “this cold….I can actually get sick, and I obviously have no time to get sick! Actually I feel a cold coming on right now!” can you believe my mind? there’s no way I’ve caught a cold by uncovering myself for a few seconds, its not like I’m in the North Pole.

Then another five minutes go by, I can see the time go by, yes I can, because I’m looking at the watch every minute. “You’ve already taken up ten minutes from your work out time, you definitely don’t have time to complete your 30-minute work out, you’ll be late for work” another three minutes, then I get my phone and log onto Facebook then Instagram- liking and commenting on people’s pictures, literally I loose another ten minutes. This is terrible, are these the struggles of an adult or am I thirteen! *facesmack*


At this point, I am actually frustrated at myself, I have clearly wasted about 20 minutes wide awake in bed but doing absolutely nothing! This is the morning after I read a really awesome quote by Nike that said “tomorrow you’ll wish you had started today.” What have I done, what is so hard about getting up to work out versus getting up to go watch a movie (if you’re into movies in the morning) from where I come from, theatres charge close to free to watch movies in the morning lol- what manner of incentive huh? We wake up, prepare to leave, get out of the house and get stuck in some traffic then check into a movie theatre and sit for another two hours watching a film on the big screen. This is more work than getting up, putting my work out clothes and just doing it!

That aside, I’m now googling ways to motivate yourself to get up and exercise, I see one tip that says, keep the alarm clock away from the bed. Do these tips actually work? I’m gonna try and write on that soon. On the brighter side, I worked out really hard over the weekend, and I intend to do so this evening, so I guess I’m still on course.



Mid-Year Resolutions

I’m at that point where I feel like I need more from my life, rather, that I’m capable of doing more with my life. Days are surely going by fast and this year is well over halfway gone, I’m thinking about the things I set out to do and where I stand with them. Have I been consistent? Have I been faithful? Have I pushed it?
I think I’ve achieved good things, but I feel I can do way more. Much much more. There’s some good habits that I’ve let fall along the way, like waking up early, working out consistently and playing the keyboard. I don’t even like thinking about these… so I have come up with a schedule and I have 6 more months before I say yet another HAPPY NEW YEAR to stay on course.

For me, It’s important to document this dialogue I’ve been having with myself because I know if I stay focused and committed and on this path, I’m going to have a great quality of life. So I’ve decided the following:

  • I will wake up early, get six, max seven hours of sleep
  • Work out at least 4 times a week and Record my progress (pictures especially)
  • Read a book a month (paper back or ebook)
  • Go out more with my husband
  • Work smarter
  • Keep my close circle of friends closer

I need these up here because come December 31st, I will come back to this post and re-blog, stating where I stand and hopefully put up some pictures that show how far I’ve come. See you end of 2017.


Massage Then Cum

As he massages me, I’m very relaxed, lying there enjoying every minute of his hands move up and down my body. He rhythmically squeezes my buttocks and releases, I can feel it getting moist between my thighs. He kisses my buttocks, spreads my legs apart and kisses the surface of my vagina.

He passes his fingers up and down by butt, reaching to the front, the warmth and moisture of my pussy makes him sigh. He turns me around, our eyes are locked now. He leans in, with his tongue, he licks my pussy, his tongue is wet and warm. He licks my clit, moving his tongue around it and flicking it. I’m breathing hard, he’s licking off all my juices.

He takes his fingers and inserts them in my vagina, as he continues to lick. He moves his fingers up and down, my hips are moving up and down my pussy is dripping wet. His big hard cock is right in front of me, he sticks in my pussy, I’m moaning. He begins to pound me, the friction between his cock and my vagina is loud, I’m so wet you can hear noises as he goes in and out of me.

He sucks my breast and rubs the other with his hand. I’m moaning at how good all this feels. I can feel his cock throbbing inside me, it’s going in and out, his balls hit me as his dick goes deep inside me. My pussy is creamy, his dick is coated in delicious juices, he keeps going, fucking me harder, his cock feels like a 30ft pole it’s going in so deep I can feel my breasts respond to his strokes.

As as he pounds me, I scream as I cum, his sweat is dripping on me, he keeps going with the same consistency, in out in out. His cock feels bigger, like its about to explode inside me. He’s about to cum inside me, just like I like. He’s buttocks squeeze firmly, his whole body becomes tense, in! Out! He sighs hard as the motion turns gentle, he’s cum. My pussy takes it all in like rain on dry land, I can feel his cock release the cum, we kiss and just lay there, tired and oh so satisfied.


A long day of slaving away works a number on all of us. You find yourself looking at the time and wishing you had a time machine and a truck full of cash, maybe you could get away and buy a house right by the beach and not have to work as much every again. This is me especially on a Wednesday, when I’ve survived half the week but hanging there for the remaining half to go by. I mostly just want to get home, kick back and make a lot of love without having to look at the time.

So this day I was having a day just like what I’ve described, I was aching to get the day over and done with and get home. He knows the look I have when I’m exhausted; my eyes are half open, sometimes reddish and I am not in the mood to talk. So he finds me in the bedroom and offers me a massage; of course I’ll take it!

I undress, lie on my tummy and He pours the massage oil on my back. It feels like wet strings rolling on my back. He takes his time massaging every inch of my back; My shoulders, to the middle of my back and my lower back. I am so relaxed, This feels so good.

He undressed and comes back on top of my back and massages me, but this time much tenderly. He pours more oil on  me, on my bum and down my legs and massages me some more. My bum especially gets extra time, I’m not complaining, after all I’ve been using it all day long 🙂

Before The Morning Fuck

It’s 6am, I’m just about to get up, I’m somewhere between the last dream and the first yawn of the day. He walks into the room, I can see him looking at me, I’m happy to see him. He removes his shorts and tshirt and gets into bed, I’m really happy to see him now.

I smile, he says good morning and kisses me; it’s going to be a good morning! He presses his lips hard on mine, my body gets excited and I can feel myself tingle at his touch. He reaches down my stomach, and lower still and pulls down my panties slowly. Reaches back up and caresses my breasts, kissing me even harder. I wrap my hands around his neck, look him straight in the eyes, smile and kiss him. My tongue and his touch, the kiss is wet and hard a lot like what’s happening in the sheets. I’m so wet and he’s so hard. We both have no clothes on, we both are horny and ready to get it on.

I’m breathing hard, my heart is racing. He climbs on top of me. I can feel his cock get even harder between my thighs. It feels like it grows an inch bigger every second, boy am I turned on!!! My hands are grabbing his butt, his hands are holding him up on every side of my neck. He’s ready to stick his dick in me. He kisses me again and I reach for his dick because I love the feel of his cock in my hands -warm and hard with veins running all over. I’m wet just thinking about it.

with one hand he rubs my clit with the head of his dick, it feels so good, like a big warm delicious tongue. I’m so wet it’s sliding and he rubs it on me, I can’t wait to feel his big hard dick inside me. Luckily I don’t have to wait any more…