It’s 6am, I’m just about to get up, I’m somewhere between the last dream and the first yawn of the day. He walks into the room, I can see him looking at me, I’m happy to see him. He removes his shorts and tshirt and gets into bed, I’m really happy to see him now.

I smile, he says good morning and kisses me; it’s going to be a good morning! He presses his lips hard on mine, my body gets excited and I can feel myself tingle at his touch. He reaches down my stomach, and lower still and pulls down my panties slowly. Reaches back up and caresses my breasts, kissing me even harder. I wrap my hands around his neck, look him straight in the eyes, smile and kiss him. My tongue and his touch, the kiss is wet and hard a lot like what’s happening in the sheets. I’m so wet and he’s so hard. We both have no clothes on, we both are horny and ready to get it on.

I’m breathing hard, my heart is racing. He climbs on top of me. I can feel his cock get even harder between my thighs. It feels like it grows an inch bigger every second, boy am I turned on!!! My hands are grabbing his butt, his hands are holding him up on every side of my neck. He’s ready to stick his dick in me. He kisses me again and I reach for his dick because I love the feel of his cock in my hands -warm and hard with veins running all over. I’m wet just thinking about it.

with one hand he rubs my clit with the head of his dick, it feels so good, like a big warm delicious tongue. I’m so wet it’s sliding and he rubs it on me, I can’t wait to feel his big hard dick inside me. Luckily I don’t have to wait any more…



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