A long day of slaving away works a number on all of us. You find yourself looking at the time and wishing you had a time machine and a truck full of cash, maybe you could get away and buy a house right by the beach and not have to work as much every again. This is me especially on a Wednesday, when I’ve survived half the week but hanging there for the remaining half to go by. I mostly just want to get home, kick back and make a lot of love without having to look at the time.

So this day I was having a day just like what I’ve described, I was aching to get the day over and done with and get home. He knows the look I have when I’m exhausted; my eyes are half open, sometimes reddish and I am not in the mood to talk. So he finds me in the bedroom and offers me a massage; of course I’ll take it!

I undress, lie on my tummy and He pours the massage oil on my back. It feels like wet strings rolling on my back. He takes his time massaging every inch of my back; My shoulders, to the middle of my back and my lower back. I am so relaxed, This feels so good.

He undressed and comes back on top of my back and massages me, but this time much tenderly. He pours more oil on  me, on my bum and down my legs and massages me some more. My bum especially gets extra time, I’m not complaining, after all I’ve been using it all day long 🙂


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