As he massages me, I’m very relaxed, lying there enjoying every minute of his hands move up and down my body. He rhythmically squeezes my buttocks and releases, I can feel it getting moist between my thighs. He kisses my buttocks, spreads my legs apart and kisses the surface of my vagina.

He passes his fingers up and down by butt, reaching to the front, the warmth and moisture of my pussy makes him sigh. He turns me around, our eyes are locked now. He leans in, with his tongue, he licks my pussy, his tongue is wet and warm. He licks my clit, moving his tongue around it and flicking it. I’m breathing hard, he’s licking off all my juices.

He takes his fingers and inserts them in my vagina, as he continues to lick. He moves his fingers up and down, my hips are moving up and down my pussy is dripping wet. His big hard cock is right in front of me, he sticks in my pussy, I’m moaning. He begins to pound me, the friction between his cock and my vagina is loud, I’m so wet you can hear noises as he goes in and out of me.

He sucks my breast and rubs the other with his hand. I’m moaning at how good all this feels. I can feel his cock throbbing inside me, it’s going in and out, his balls hit me as his dick goes deep inside me. My pussy is creamy, his dick is coated in delicious juices, he keeps going, fucking me harder, his cock feels like a 30ft pole it’s going in so deep I can feel my breasts respond to his strokes.

As as he pounds me, I scream as I cum, his sweat is dripping on me, he keeps going with the same consistency, in out in out. His cock feels bigger, like its about to explode inside me. He’s about to cum inside me, just like I like. He’s buttocks squeeze firmly, his whole body becomes tense, in! Out! He sighs hard as the motion turns gentle, he’s cum. My pussy takes it all in like rain on dry land, I can feel his cock release the cum, we kiss and just lay there, tired and oh so satisfied.


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