I’m at that point where I feel like I need more from my life, rather, that I’m capable of doing more with my life. Days are surely going by fast and this year is well over halfway gone, I’m thinking about the things I set out to do and where I stand with them. Have I been consistent? Have I been faithful? Have I pushed it?
I think I’ve achieved good things, but I feel I can do way more. Much much more. There’s some good habits that I’ve let fall along the way, like waking up early, working out consistently and playing the keyboard. I don’t even like thinking about these… so I have come up with a schedule and I have 6 more months before I say yet another HAPPY NEW YEAR to stay on course.

For me, It’s important to document this dialogue I’ve been having with myself because I know if I stay focused and committed and on this path, I’m going to have a great quality of life. So I’ve decided the following:

  • I will wake up early, get six, max seven hours of sleep
  • Work out at least 4 times a week and Record my progress (pictures especially)
  • Read a book a month (paper back or ebook)
  • Go out more with my husband
  • Work smarter
  • Keep my close circle of friends closer

I need these up here because come December 31st, I will come back to this post and re-blog, stating where I stand and hopefully put up some pictures that show how far I’ve come. See you end of 2017.



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