You cannot imagine how many conversations I have with myself on the mornings I know I’m meant to get up and exercise. It goes something like this “It’s fine to sleep, your body needs to recover from the work out you did the other day” I’m thinking, yeah absolutely, Goodness! I need some rest, so I lay there. At this point you’re really not asleep, and you can’t sleep because your brain is so actively participating in keeping you in the bed. I lay there for five minutes, then uncover myself, its cold, I’m thinking “this cold….I can actually get sick, and I obviously have no time to get sick! Actually I feel a cold coming on right now!” can you believe my mind? there’s no way I’ve caught a cold by uncovering myself for a few seconds, its not like I’m in the North Pole.

Then another five minutes go by, I can see the time go by, yes I can, because I’m looking at the watch every minute. “You’ve already taken up ten minutes from your work out time, you definitely don’t have time to complete your 30-minute work out, you’ll be late for work” another three minutes, then I get my phone and log onto Facebook then Instagram- liking and commenting on people’s pictures, literally I loose another ten minutes. This is terrible, are these the struggles of an adult or am I thirteen! *facesmack*


At this point, I am actually frustrated at myself, I have clearly wasted about 20 minutes wide awake in bed but doing absolutely nothing! This is the morning after I read a really awesome quote by Nike that said “tomorrow you’ll wish you had started today.” What have I done, what is so hard about getting up to work out versus getting up to go watch a movie (if you’re into movies in the morning) from where I come from, theatres charge close to free to watch movies in the morning lol- what manner of incentive huh? We wake up, prepare to leave, get out of the house and get stuck in some traffic then check into a movie theatre and sit for another two hours watching a film on the big screen. This is more work than getting up, putting my work out clothes and just doing it!

That aside, I’m now googling ways to motivate yourself to get up and exercise, I see one tip that says, keep the alarm clock away from the bed. Do these tips actually work? I’m gonna try and write on that soon. On the brighter side, I worked out really hard over the weekend, and I intend to do so this evening, so I guess I’m still on course.




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